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A Normal Family

Last Thursday Dr. Seunghye Sun, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK, invited my team and I to the #LKFF Opening Gala and red carpet at the #britishfilminstitute for the screening of A Normal Family, a thought provoking movie by Director #HurJinHo.

Following this screening there was a wonderful Q&A with Director Hur and an intimate post-film reception with Korean Royal Confectionaries and traditional teas.

About This Film:

Jae-wan (Sul Kyung-gu), a successful lawyer, takes on the case of a rich executive’s son, who has purposely run over and killed a man and left his daughter seriously injured.

Meanwhile, Jae-wan’s younger brother Jae-gyu (Jang Dong-gun) works to keep her alive. We then see a contrast between these two siblings, one affluent and unscrupulous, the other struggling and moralistic. When a second incident occurs, this time involving both brothers’ respective teen children, their relationship and ethics, along with that of Jae-wan’s young second wife Ji-su (Claudia Kim) and Jae-gyu’s older, charity-worker wife Yeon-kyung (Kim Hee-ae), will be sorely tested.

A full review of the film coming to Hallyu soon ✨

Make sure to stay up to date with all of the upcoming #LKFF screenings @kccuk 🎬.

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