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Dreaming Big 


1 Family, 6 Dreams, 1 Mission

About Dreaming Big Together Ltd

Dreaming Big Together LTD is a visionary family-led organisation dedicated to transforming dreams into reality. With a mission to support and guide creatives, communities, world leaders, and families, the organisation stands as a beacon of inspiration. Founded on the belief that every dream deserves the chance to flourish, Dreaming Big Together LTD has set out to reinvent and revolutionise the education sector. 

Over the past decade, the organisation has accumulated invaluable experience, collaborating with prolific national and international platforms and leaders.

At Dreaming Big Together LTD, the core values of celebrating creativity and fostering innovation shine brightly. The organisation understands that the key to progress lies in unlocking the potential of the next generation. To achieve this, they equip young minds with access to the right resources and support. In doing so, they pave the way for future leaders and visionaries to make their mark on the world. Dreaming Big Together LTD operates across various sectors, including education, entertainment, technology, diversity and inclusion, and cultural connectivity. By embracing these diverse fields, the organisation champions a holistic approach to growth and development, ensuring that dreams are not just dreamt but realised.

Ben Salmi Family Media kit.png
Ben Salmi Family Media kit.png

Where They've been seen and who they've worked with and in association to...

What's New

See What The Ben Salmi's Have Been Up To

Ben Salmis &

National School Tour

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Let's Talk Education With The Ben Salmis & Virgin Money In Association With The West London Careers Hub Trust & Dreaming Big Together

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Impact Summit 2023


The Ben Salmi Family Were Invited To Attend & Contribute at
the LinkedIn Impact Summit 2023


School Programme

The Ben Salmis have launched their school book writing programme

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Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 16.16.32.png
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Hallyu Con 2022

Lashai Ben Salmi Founded & Hosted 


World Afro Day

Paolo Ben Salmi Co-hosted