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Helping brands to connect with their audience and community through aligned and captivating content. 

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"It was such a pleasure working with Shai - she really helped us to create some high quality content that was really well received by our community - we love having her regularly create content for us   " - Jonathan

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"Not only does she create breathtaking content but she is also such a joy to work with and she really knows her stuff!"


"Shai is so creative and has really amplified our reach through her content"

Meet The Mind 

Behind The Content

About: Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai) is a London based, 23 year multi-award winning content creator, UGC creator, author of over 5 books, founder, TEDx speaker, cultural connectivity advocate and creative director. Her mission is to assist platforms to create and produce high quality engaging content for their customers and community.
She has been a part of the business, entertainment and personal development world since the age of 11 and has cultivated a dedicated audience of over 60,000 people and 11,000,000 views.
Her signature topics include: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Social Media, Travel, Self Love, K-POP, Entertainment / K-Entertainment, Music, Connection, Inspiration and Motivation.


Lashai has been in the entertainment, business and personal development world for over a decade. She has spoken on International stages to tens of thousands and has collaborated with some of the biggest companies (such as BBC Sounds) to produce high quality engaging content. She is very passionate about helping organisation to produce high quality content that attracts a dedicated audience and builds a committed community.

In 2021 Shai was also appointed as an official Hallyu Influencer (the award was presented by the First Lady of South Korea and she was also recognised as a 'Korean Cultural Centre UK Distinguished Korean Wave Representative' due to her immense contribution to the promotion of Hallyu. 

Her Philosophy

Her philosophy is: "no one can walk your walk, no one can dance your dance and no one can sing your song, you are beautiful perfect and unique just way you are dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Some Results

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