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Official Supporter Of The UN Women UK Awards

Repost from UN Women UK LikedIn

#BlackHistoryMonth might be over but our support for our Black community isn’t only for a month, and we want to spotlight another wonderful member of our community.

Lashai (셰이) Ben Salmi is a Multi Award Winning, Author, Speaker, Publisher, Creator, International Relations & Cultural Connectivity Advocate and Youth Advocate, UN Women UK Delegate & Distinguished Korean Wave Representative.

In alignment with the mission of the CSW, Lashai helped us secure our event venue, Samsung KX, a venue that also shares our goals for equality. She has also pledged to support 16 Days Of Activism, our international campaign to combat gender-based violence and discrimination, through her Korean Wave culture platform, Hallyu Con

Lashai has contributed to a whole host of prestigious platforms and organisations through which she promotes the need for equitable opportunity in education and advocacy for those who cannot self advocate.

Inspired to be a part of our UN Women UK community alongside incredible women like Lashai? Join us using the link below!

AND, if you still haven’t, there’s still the chance to head to the Samsung KX on November 15th for our Awards. You can do that using this link 👇

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