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About Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai) is a multi-award winning author of over 5 books, founder, public speaker, cultural connectivity advocate and creative director. Her mission is to empower and inspire as many people as possible to turn their dreams into a reality.
She has been a part of the business, entertainment and personal development world since the age of 11 and has cultivated a dedicated audience of over 60,000 people and

Her signature topics include: Social Media, Travel, Self Belief, K-POP, Entertainment / K-Entertainment, Music, Beauty, Connection, Inspiration and Motivation.

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Have You Ever Wondered...

Have You Ever Thought About Becoming An Author Or Publisher?

The  Ben Salmis Want To Hear Your Story...

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 About Dreaming Big Together Publishing

Have you ever thought about becoming an author or publisher?


Introducing Dreaming Big Together Publishing.


Our mission is to support entrepreneurs, change makers and world leaders on their journey to sharing their stories and missions with the world through powerful books and  publishing houses.

We offer a wide variety of trainings and resources to support you on your publishing journey.

Dreams To


Tap here to view some of the beautiful moments from my first trip to South Korea.

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